February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Inaccessible websites? It’s Us, not JavaScript

When we talk about accessibility, we mostly think about HTML and CSS. But, do you know we can use JavaScript to enhance the accessibility of our websites. Let's explore how we can make or break a website's accessibility using JS code. We will explore case studies for some important and common use cases, accessibility issues that can block out the assistive tech users entirely from proceeding, and how to fix those.

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Anuradha Kumari


Anuradha Kumari is a tech enthusiast working as Development Specialist at Mediaocean. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge through tech articles and talks. She aims to spread awareness and empower the community towards achieving the common goal of inclusion through technology. She advocates for creating web content with accessibility in mind from the very start.

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