February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Effective Docker and Kubernetes for Java EE Developers

There are several key trade-offs to consider while using Docker and Kubernetes with Java EE applications. Examples include: whether to use thin WARs, fat JARs, or hollow uber-JARs to effectively work with Docker or how Docker networking and Kubernetes cluster deployments align with application server administration, clustering and load-balancing. This entirely slide-less, fast-paced, demo-driven session walks through some of these considerations.

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Reza Rahman


Reza Rahman is Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft. He works to make sure Java developers are first class citizens at Microsoft and Microsoft is a first class citizen of the Java ecosystem.

Reza has been an official Java technologist at Oracle. He is the author of the popular book EJB 3 in Action. Reza has long been a frequent speaker at Java User Groups and conferences worldwide including JavaOne and Devoxx. He has been the lead for the Java EE track at JavaOne.

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