February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Deploy your API secured, with a DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline

This talk will take you through all the bits and pieces needed to deploy an ASP.NET Core Web API with DevSecOps. The infrastructure is deployed using ARM Templates and I will show you a secure and safe way to use and read values from the KeyVault keeping all your secrets safe.

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Eduard Keilholz


I'm developing software for over two decades. I'm working as a cloud solution architect and a team lead at 4DotNet in The Netherlands.

In my current position, I love to help customers with their journey to the cloud. I like to create highly performant software and to help team members to a higher level of software development.

My focus is on the Microsoft development stack, mainly C# and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. I also have a strong affinity with Angular.

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