February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Chaos engineering in kubernetes

We will share our journey on how we make progress on application resiliency. We transform from monolith base chaos to Micro service and later on the container-native platform, Kubernetes chaos. We will share how we use Chaostoolkit & Litmuschaos on kubernetes, and how we automate the entire process using Argo workflow and Jenkins. Later moved everything in code and via gitops controlling the chaos experiments. This all using opensource .

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sumit nagal


Sumit Nagal is a Principal Engineer at Intuit & a maintainer of the CNCF sandbox project LitmusChaos.He leads Reliability Engineering & is currently working on "Intuit Kubernetes Platform" reliability via providing performance and chaos engineering practice. In his 15 years at Intuit, he has worked on most of the Intuit products and played various roles, including Architect and Developer, and led numerous successful initiatives and innovations to fruition. He has presented in multiple conference

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