February 24-26, 2021
Online, Timezone GMT-5

A practical approach to Jobs to Be Done

Jobs to be done is a framework that helps us look at the goals that customers have and what they're trying to get done. The primary focus of the framework is to help us create an experience that meets core customer needs with a focus around what they're trying to get done. The session will cover: A brief overview of theJTBDframework, A value creation model that extends our view into customers' needs, Approaches to become outcome driven

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Bermon Painter

EY Digital

With 20 years of product strategy, design and development experience in varying industries Bermon leads innovation & strategy at EY. Bermon is heavily involved in the local Charlotte tech community and has been organizing various conferences and community events for the past decade. He also speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops around the world. He is the designer of the Sass logo and enjoys a nice, cold, frosty mug of root beer.

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