Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald has 20 years of development experience and has worked on a variety of projects including object oriented databases, police communication systems, speech recognition, unified messaging and mobile development. His current focus is convincing folks “you aren’t going to need it” when it comes to building web applications as the Head of Developer Experience at Begin.

Montreal 2024 sessions

Building Design Systems with Web Components

English session - Beginner

Creating cohesive user experiences across various platforms and devices is paramount in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Design systems are the key to achieving this goal, as they provide a systematic approach to design, code, and documentation. In this session, we will explore the core concepts of design systems and how web components, a powerful technology, can streamline the process of building and maintaining design systems.

Enhance Full Stack Workshop

English training

The Enhance Fullstack Workshop is designed for developers. You will learn how to build a full-stack web application (client and server) using Enhance powered by Node.js, and AWS. You'll leave with the skills required to construct multi-page dynamic web apps that leverage the platform while avoiding so-called "modern" tools that layer on complexity and unnecessary weight.

You'll start by learning about Enhance's HTML first approach, how it works and what problems it helps you avoid. Then we'll proceed through several hands-on learning activities for building a modern web application complete with a UI built from web components, a serverless API layer, and a cloud-managed database.

Sustainable Web Development

English session - Beginner

The web development community must address the environmental impact. "Sustainable Web Development" highlights the importance of building green web apps. This talk will provide developers, designers, and techies with insights and actionable strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of web applications. Attendees will learn how to make responsible choices that benefit the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future for the Internet,

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