February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

Give your build some love, it will give it back!

For all JVM builds - you will learn how to organize the construction of your software whether a mono repository or several repos. Build logic will be reusable, convention-based, and with code quality and testing.
We'll also see how Configuration Cache helps speed up local development by starting tasks running immediately. You will learn how it works and what constraints it imposes, in alignment with idiomatic recommendations.

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Amanda Martin


Teaching technical concepts since 2005, Amanda Martin has embraced the Open Source spirit with Gradle. Receiving a Doctorate in Computer Science, Amanda teaches Java and Python. Amanda knows that programming is only part of the problem; generally, the results need to be processed for others to interpret, and that is when the true work begins with documentation and maintenance. Amanda takes pride in the clean, scalable, readable, and maintainable code and teaches around these values.

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