February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

Discovered the Java Microbenchmark Harness & You Should Too

I once wrote a program to demonstrate the performance of different Java collections to my students. The differences between the collections were what I expected but the values changed significantly for each run. Then I discovered the Java Microbenchmark Harness or JMH. Think of it as unit testing for performance rather than correctness. In this presentation I will talk about the original performance program and the enhanced version using JMH.

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Ken Fogel

Dawson College - retired

Retired from the Dawson College classroom after 31 years, Ken continues to work on enhancing Java in education and has the designation Research Scholar in Residence. He is currently leading a group that organizes the online Java Champions conference held each January. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Java Community Process and is a Java Champion. He has spoken at conferences and hopes to continue. Ken has recently completed a video for Apress and is working on a book for Packt.

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