February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Public vs Private Cloud, for Small Businesses

Deciding how and where to host your company's data and services can be a difficult choice with many variables. The choice you make today will affect you for years to come, but what works now may not work when your business doubles or quadruples in size. I will share some of the lessons I learned as Vanilla grew from 2 virtual machines to over 600, and how to plan ahead.

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Tim Gunter

Vanilla Forums

For more than ten years, Tim Gunter has built things on the web from ASP to PHP and OMG with FTW, and now infrastructures (which doesn’t have an interesting acronym, but he’s okay with that.)

With a skill set grown organically from origins in dev to devops, he’s settled into running Operations at a small but rapidly growing startup. Tim’s exposure to an array of interesting challenges and obstacles has offered him unique insight into SaaS hosting at various scales.

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