February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Official Activities

Group of people chatting at the cocktail.

ConFoo/Intuit - Opening Party

Hang out with the ConFoo crowd at Hurley's on Tuesday night starting at 5:30pm. Enjoy drinks, food and a pleasant atmosphere. Intuit will sponsor the drinks. Address: 1225 Crescent street.

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UnConFoo is an unconference. It is a place to hold discussions about topics that came up during presentations or that were not covered in the main conference. UnConFoo is meant to be informal, without slides or projectors.

Anyone can schedule a discussion. Just write the subject and your name on the flip board that is outside the UnConFoo room.

The UnConFoo will be held for the duration of the conference. Reserved for holders of a conference ticket. Buy

Lightning Talks

Join us for lightning talks on Wednesday at 4pm in the main room. These are very short and often improvised presentations.

Want to jump-start your speaking career or have something quick to share with the audience? Lightning talks only last 5 minutes so make them count! Talk about anything that would be interesting for web developers. Send your name and topic to LT [at] confoo.ca

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Open Source Showcase

ConFoo is the perfect place to contribute to an open source project. Which projects should you join? See a showcase of open source projects and pick those that drive you. The 5-minute presentations start on Friday at 9am.

If you want to present your project, send your application to OSS [at] confoo.ca. Tells us in under 100 words how the project helps the world and how people can start contributing. We’ll pick 8 projects to go on stage.

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ConFoo/PayPal - Cocktail

Join us for a cocktail right after the Thursday presentations. The event will be held on the conference floor. PayPal will sponsor the drinks.

The event is open to the public so you can invite your friends and colleagues. The cocktail starts at 4pm. Here is the address of the hotel: 900 de la Gauchetière West.

This event is open to the public. Register

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