February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Make Your SPA a Maximum Security Prison

Everybody has been creating Single Page Apps lately. They look neat and fast. Handling authentication in an SPA can be tricky though: Cookies, Tokens, Right to access URLs and Resources. Which one is better? In this talk, I explore all these options: pros and cons. We’ll use AngularJS as an example but the concepts apply to any other client technology like Ember.js or vanilla JS.

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Martin Gontovnikas


Martin Gontovnikas has been a tech nerd since he was 12 years old. Now, he's a web developer, trainer, speaker and writer. He currently works as a Developer Advocate at Auth0.

He's a big advocate and contributor for Open Source sofware. He has built Restangular, angularytics, factory_pal, angular-jwt and many more!

He (not so) frequently blogs at http://gon.to/blog/ and has spoken at Devoxx, ngEurope and dotJS among others.

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