March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

What every developer should know about Performance

Performance is not a single dimensional problem - it is at the minimum three dimensions:

- How long a task takes to complete (response time).
- How many tasks are you completing per unit of time (throughput).
- What is the maximum number of tasks you can complete (capacity).

Understanding what you are measuring is key for successful optimization. For example - many developers make the mistake of optimizing for 'throughput', or looking at system 'capacity' number (loadavg, util %). What they don't realize is as throughput increases - response time goes up (think of this as the same traffic-jam effect from many cars going down a highway).

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Morgan Tocker


Morgan rejoined the MySQL team at Oracle in 2013 as MySQL Community Manager, having previously worked for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He blogs from, and especially likes the new features in MySQL that make operations life easier.

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