March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

The Pylons Project: new and hot stuff. Live demo

Hang on tight on March 9-10-or-11th 2010, as we're going to use Pyramid/Pylons to build a real-time WebSockets application using the Gevent lightweight-threading library, allowing thousands of simultaneous users to connect to one single process. To this end, we'll demo RabbitMQ and tie it to our application.

We will also explore Pyramid features new to Pylons users, e.g. URL traversal.

Finally, we'll show off some MongoDB integration, along with some FFmpeg video extraction/rendering.

All of this, in the clean, elegant, first-class object-oriented Python language (plus some HTML5 goodies, obviously).

Warning: this should be a highly dynamic presentation, make sure you're awake. And yes, you shall have dark chocolate this year too.

NOTE: you might want to see Blaise Laflamme's presentation of Pyramid beforehand!

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Alexandre Bourget

Tenscores Inc.

Alexandre is passionate about Python and the Web. He is the maintainer for the real-time web library `gevent-socketio` and has given many talks and workshops both on Web technologies and Python. He never fails to communicate his enthusiasm and stir up innovation.

After give years serving as a director at the free software consulting company SFL, Alexandre recently joined Tenscores, a startup developing an AdWords campaigns optimization platform (with Pyramid/MongoDB/AngularJS).

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