March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Strong Authentication in Web Application

Strong Authentication in Web Application: State of the Art 2011

* Risk Based Authentication
* Biometry - Match on Card
* OTP for Smartphones
* Mobile-OTP
* Open Source approach

How to integrate Strong Authentication in Web Application

* OpenID, SAML, Liberty Alliance / Kantara
* API, Agents, Web Services, Modules
* PAM, Radius, JAAS
* Reverse Proxy (WAF) and WebSSO
* PKI / SSL client authentication

* PHP example with Multi-OTP PHP class

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Sylvain Maret

MARET Consulting / OpenID Switzerland

S.MARET has over 16 years experience in the field on information security with financial and private organizations. Member of the OWASP Switzerland, Co-Founder at Geneva AppSec Forum, OpenID Swiss Chapter and Strong Authentication Evangelist, S. Maret contributes in several conferences. As principal consultant for MARET Consulting, his work strongly emphasizes on helping organizations integrate security activities in their internal web app and Strong Authentication.

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