March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Opensource Authentication and Authorization

As web applications become the norm for application delivery mechanisms,
there is more and more demand for managing access control at the
application framework level. As is immediately obvious, managing this
access control becomes an overwhelming overhead for the actual
application, and should be handled by the underlying framework used for
application delivery.

In this presentation I will discuss how the OpenAM authN and AuthZ
layers can be simply and easily integrated into an enterprise
application, allowing fine grained access control to be enforced at the
application layer, while allowing the administration and management of
the policies to be handled by the service provider.

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Allan Foster


Allan Foster is a founding member of ForgeRock, bringing skills in the entire Identity management space.
He has proven skills in Access Management, Federation, and Portal Architectures.
Allan brings 25 years of experience in the development,
internet, and Identity management spaces to ForgeRock.
Allan's career has reached from Apple Computer inc, to Netscape, AOL,
Guru Associates, and Sun Microsystems before joining the team at ForgeRock.

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