March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Introducing TDD to your project

Everyone is talking about test driven development (TDD) being so cool and elaborating for both developers and persons responsible for the projects success ( like project managers, project owners, and customers ). But very few projects are using TDD to gain its relieving aspects. How does that go along? Seems many project responsibles are uncertain about the efforts and direct benefits of TDD and step back. This talk is about a transition from a usual project to TDD. Within this talk I will raise some questions to be answered before moving and show the benefits of TDD for each party of the project setup. We will find possible impediments to be faced and will see how to get rid of them.

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Bastian Feder

Liip Inc.

Facinated by PHP since several years Bastian Feder supports the PHP documentation team by translating the SQLite manual into german. As a regluar speaker at several international and national conferences and freelancing author and trainer he concentrates on topics like the Eclipse PDT IDE, Javascript, and the jQuery Javascript library. As an opensource addict he participates in other opensource projects like FluentDOM or CaricaCacheGrind.

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