March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Develop & Deploy Mission Critical Web Applications

As PHP matures and enters the enterprise, it must address mission critical requirements such as: massive scalability, high availability, cache coherency, and end-to-end tracing. This demo packed session will illustrate how the combination of PHP and Oracle database meet those requirements including: how to sustain tens of thousands of concurrents users. How to implement transactional HTTP requests. How to failover database connections in real time (fast connection failover). How to upgrade database-driven 24x7 Web applications online. Transparent client-side caching of Result Set caching and cache invalidation. How to trace PHP applications from the browser to the SQL operations.

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Kuassi Mensah

Oracle Corporation

Kuassi is Director of Product Management at Oracle.
Products under his watch include Database Access frameworks (Net Services, DRCP), Database APIs (JDBC, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl) and Java in the database.
Mr Mensah holds a MS and post graduate in Computer Sciences from the Programming Institute of University of Paris VI. He is a frequent speaker at IT events and has published several articles and a book

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