March 9-11, 2011
Montreal, Canada

Building Smarter Web Applications with Text Mining

Text mining (aka Text Analytics) technology has been present in the market for the past decade. However, very few applications integrate and leverage it. The goal of this talk is to discuss the use and the integration of this technology and to show you the potential and possibilities it may offer to your applications.

We will start with a quick review of Text Mining's key concepts. Then, we will talk about existing technologies in the market, we will review their features and their limits (entity annotation, concept extraction, taxonomy categorization, summarizer, sentiment analysis, language detection, exchange format, etc.). Finally, we will discuss how Text Mining could be integrated and leveraged inside a (or your) Web application, we will go through some examples of existing integrations with open source solutions such as Wordpress and Drupal.

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Bashar Al-Fallouji


Bashar is an IT consultant. He holds a master degree of science (M.Sc.) in IT Management and a bachelor degree in computer science. He is particularly interested in Web Applications, Text Analytics, Content Management, Information Architecture and XP/Agile development.

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