December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Zombies at

A story about building modern software and the empowerment of software developers with the use of Zombies.

This talk is a description of how to scale a game in the first few months as demand for the game increases. It outlines how to tackle tough issues and when to automate around processes.

Scaling is not all about automation; and there is focus on all the soft skills needed to truly meet users demands on systems.

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Jef King


Jef has worked for over 19 years in Software Development in a huge variety of companies. Recently, he has been working on emerging technologies with distributed and cognitive systems. What is that?... A lot of Node.JS on Docker and things like Microsoft’s very own Bot Framework. These are areas that have his attention. As a technical evangelist he works with a huge number of companies and students alike. Through technology works to ignite their potential.

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