December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Why Getting Good Test Data is Hard, and What To Do About It

Obtaining test data is certainly not the most glamorous part of the software development lifecycle. However, it can take a lot more time and cause a lot more headaches than it needs to if you don't plan for it. I will share a list of 10 questions about test data that are useful to ask when starting a new project - usually just a bit of planning can be a big help in helping you avoid wasting time or missing test coverage later on.

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Tina Fletcher


Tina loves being challenged every day to solve new testing, communication, and leadership problems. You’re most likely to find her planning test approaches for new features, discovering ways to promote better collaboration between groups, or experimenting with techniques to help enable quality-focused development and decision making. Tina is currently a Senior Test Strategist at D2L.

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