December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Using RUM to provide the best possible user experience

Using native browser APIs including server-timing, user-timing, and service workers (and some browser hacks) you can dynamically adjust the content you serve to each user based on their real-time conditions. There is no improvement without measurement - and the most valuable measurement is real-user measurement (RUM). To provide the best possible experience to each user, it is necessary to collect actionable RUM data throughout the entire stack.

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Charles Vazac


I've been a web dev my entire professional career. I've written a charting package in VML (gasp!), single-page-applications before they were called SPAs, browser analytics code in vanilla javascript that "works" in IE6, SPAs transpiled from ES2017, and c++ for a popular web browser.

I love writing and reading javascript. I love figuring out how things work, why they don't, and how to make them better.

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