December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

The Big "Why equal doesn't equal" Quiz

So you think you know PHP?

We all compare and test data on every other line in our code - input validation, if-statements, a switch or determining what to display and how. So, of course we are all experts on how to do this…. Or are we?

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, come and join in the fun, test your knowledge and learn about defensive programming and the quirks of a loose type programming language along the way.

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Juliette Reinders Folmer

Advies en zo

Juliette Reinders Folmer is an opinionated, passionate busy-body with a prolific portfolio of contributions to various high profile open source projects over the years.
She is co-author of PHPCompatibility, initiator of PHPModernizer and created the PHP Cheatsheets. Juliette regularly speaks at conferences and is always happy to discuss how we can all contribute to changing both the dev-culture as well as our code, to be _better_.
Juliette is self-employed and based in the Netherlands.

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