December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Redesigning a massive app and how we survived

Fundamentally changing an app's architecture can be a tremendous success or a catastrophic failure. We recently survived switching our large Rails app to a single-page architecture and came away with useful lessons for handling large architectural changes successfully. This presentation discusses the problems we uncovered, the decisions we made, and the road we took to a better user experience, cleaner code, and a more efficient team.

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Aiza Cervantes


Aiza Cervantes is a Software Developer for Clio, a company that develops practice management software, based in Burnaby, BC. She graduated with a BSc. in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University, worked in the government for four years as an IT Developer/Analyst, and decided to move to Clio two years ago. She advocates for women in tech by volunteering for Girls Learning Code and being a speaker for various YWCA/BC Tech events.

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