December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Do you even Function? Guiding Through Functional Interfaces

While Streams and Optional interactions have been well discussed for the past few years, many people forget what drives all these new Functional capabilities – Functional Interfaces.
In this talk, default Functional Interfaces will be explained along with how they can be customized, covering some of the most promising new open-source libraries which expand Functional programming in Java beyond its current limits.

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Dmitry Vinnik


Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce, who has been passionate about software quality since the very beginning of his career. Started as a Quality Engineer, he was able to bring test expertise into current role of a software engineer, and ensure a delivery of a high quality product.
His background involves studying Medicine, later transition into Bioinformatics field, and now being in a purely Software Engineering-centric area.

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