December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Delivering High Quality Mobile Apps with Continuous Testing

Mobile app testing tools come in different flavors. Some are aimed at non-programmers, and code-oriented tools with test scripts in a high-level language. Creating automated tests is the first step in reducing total testing time and increasing release velocity. With the move to Continuous Integration, automating the tests, so that they are executed automatically based on project activities can increase velocity and reduce errors.

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Tom Chavez


Tom Chavez has more than twenty years of experience as a manager and product manager in the software development tools field. Today Tom works in product marketing at Splunk, the leader in operational intelligence. He has worked across the Silicon Valley at industry leaders including Apple, Sun, PalmSource, Intuit and SOASTA delivering tools for Mac, Java, PalmOS, Linux and Android development and testing. Tom holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UCBerkeley.

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