December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Compare code of accessibility barriers with a screen reader

I will demonstrate what the top 5 accessibility barriers are for screen reader users. We will interact with problematic code with a screen reader to get a good idea of what the issues are. We will discuss simple rewrites to improve accessibility. We will compare improved and old code behaviour. We will go through problematic alternate text, poorly labelled forms, lack of headings, badly formed data tables, and keyboard navigation.

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Nicolas Steenhout

Part of a Whole

Nicolas Steenhout is a veteran of, and passionate advocate for, web accessibility. He has worked on web accessibility since the mid 1990's, has been on the core development team of FOSS projects such as Joomla! An international speaker, trainer, and consultant, Nic has worked with government, corporations, and small teams in web accessibility. Working with and for people with disabilities throughout the world has given Nic a unique insight into the challenges and solutions of web accessibility.

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