December 4-6, 2017
Vancouver, Canada

Apache JMS Wars: May the Messaging be with you.

Learn how to choose between two different Apache Frameworks for messaging. With the traction that Kafka has gotten in the last year and the old reliable ActiveMQ, it can be hard to know when to choose one over the other. We will walk through the strengths and weaknesses of each framework and describe how they each solve common implementation details from concurrent consumers and high availability to persistence. Choose your side wisely.

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Heath Kesler


Heath Kesler is an open source software evangelist, developer and architect; he has created Java architectures for large scalable, high transaction load systems for many fortune 100 companies. Heath has spoken at conferences all over the world and was selected as a 2012 JavaOne Rockstar.
He is an active contributor to several Apache frameworks and a committer on Karaf. He is co-author of the book "Learning Apache Karaf" and "Karaf Cookbook".

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