February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

PSR-14: A major PHP Event

PSR-14 is the new PHP-FIG specification addressing event dispatching. Many frameworks have an "Event system" of some kind, but all are incompatible... until now.

PSR-14 lets you interleave these systems together, letting you easily swap libraries into the framework of your choice.

We'll cover how PSR-14 works, examples of how to use it effectively, and how to adopt it alongside, and even encompassing, your existing one-off tooling.

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Larry Garfield


Larry Garfield has been building websites since he was a sophomore in high school. Larry was an active Drupal contributor and consultant for over a decade, and led the Drupal 8 Web Services initiative that helped transform Drupal into a modern PHP platform.

Larry is Director of Developer Experience at Platform.sh, a leading continuous deployment cloud hosting company, and a member of the PHP-FIG Core Committee.

Larry holds a Master’s degree from DePaul University.

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