February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

Productive development with Vue.js and a Headless CMS

Content management systems like Drupal or Wordpress giving you grief? Tired of mucking around in databases? In this session will discuss some of the key concepts around using the JAMstack then dive deep with rapidly developing websites or applications with Vue.js and how to incorporate a headless CMS. We'll cover:

- Using a headless CMS as an API
- Scaffolding out performant and SEO friend UI's
- Deploying through Docker container

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Bermon Painter

EY Digital

With 20 years of product strategy, design and development experience in varying industries Bermon leads innovation & strategy at EY. Bermon is heavily involved in the local Charlotte tech community and has been organizing various conferences and community events for the past decade. He also speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops around the world. He is the designer of the Sass logo and enjoys a nice, cold, frosty mug of root beer.

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