February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

First Rule of ARIA: Don't Use ARIA

What do you know about ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications)? If you've heard of it, you might know that it's for making websites more accessible, right? What if I told you that bad ARIA is actually worse than no ARIA at all?

Some accessibility is built-in to web dev, so ARIA isn't always needed. But when it is, it's crucial to understand what you're doing, so you don't end up with a site that's less accessible than when you started.

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Ashleigh Lodge

Neovation Learning Solutions

Ashleigh is the Application Development Manager at Neovation Learning Solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is a vocal advocate for accessibility and inclusive design, working to make Neovation's products more accessible to users of all types and abilities.

In her free time, you can usually find her with Pokémon Go open on her phone, no matter where she is or what she's (supposed to be) doing.

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