February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

Building an audio recognition API

We will show you : How we created a machine learning model to recognize bird songs; How we exposed both the data preparation and predict steps as cloud based APIS; How we used Node-RED to combine the audio recognition with Watson Visual Recognition to build a combined audio / visual bird recognition application.

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Soheel Chughtai


Soheel Chughtai is a Software Developer for IBM. He has over 30 years of programming experience.

Currently Soheel is a member of the IBM MQ Developer Outreach team, bringing Agile practices to the team, which develops tutorials, builds samples for enterprise messaging, and provide direction in the building of developer tooling.

Soheel is the owner, and lead developer for the Open Source Watson nodes for Node-RED. Soheel uses Node-RED and the Watson nodes as a teaching tool for developers

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