March 7-9, 2018
Montreal, Canada

Ruby on Rails Anti-Patterns (How Not to Design your DB)

Join us as we expose database design anti-patterns. We'll model a shoe store and show both a simple design with flaws and more flexible alternatives. We'll discuss how to represent trees, and see that the simplest solution is the hardest to query. We'll explore scenarios where a polymorphic relationship looks like a good choice, but isn't (and one where it is). Learn these pitfalls, and save yourself from sloppy querying and poor performance

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Brad Urani


Brad Urani is a coder, karaoke singer and barbecue evangelist. He believes happiness is directly
correlated with the size of your .vimrc and refuses to buy into YAGNI. When not hiking or hacking, he preaches the wonders of Rails and relational databases as Principal Engineer at Procore in Santa Barbara, CA

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