March 8-10, 2017
Montreal, Canada

Your app lives on a network - networking for web developers

Our job might be to build web applications, but we can't build apps that rely on networking if we don't know how these networks and the big network that connects them all (this thing called the Internet) actually work.
I'll walk through the basics of networking, then dive a lot deeper (from TCP/UDP to sockets, DNS and even OSPF, VRRP and BGP).
Prepare for an eye-opener when you see how much a typical app relies on all of these (and many more)

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Wim Godden Solutions

Wim Godden has been working with open source technologies since 1997 and has been involved in open source projects such as PHPCompatibility.
Next to web development, he's worked with a wide range of technologies (from database clusters to Internet backbone design) and focuses a lot of his time on high-scalability projects and on coaching/training web engineers.

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