March 8-10, 2017
Montreal, Canada

.NET Debugging tricks you wish you knew

Do you know what developers do most of their day (except for surfing the internet)?
Writing code? WRONG!
They are debugging. The debugger is a powerful tool, but in this talk you'll learn tricks that will help find bugs in half the time and with less frustration. Because a happy developer is a productive developer.
This session will show you tools that will point to you to right direction and features you didn't know that are even there.

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Tamir Dresher


Tamir Dresher is a senior software architect working as a consultant at CodeValue Israel. He is s prominent member
of Israel’s Microsoft programming community and the author of the book "Reactive Extensions in .NET"
( Tamir loves teaching as much as he loves programming, and enjoys teaching software engineering to students at the Ruppin Academic Center and conferences around the world.

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