Xavier Bouclet

Xavier Bouclet

Techlead for several years, I like to discuss everything related to languages, tools or development practices. I am one of the leaders of the Java User Group and Devoxx4kids in Montreal. I participate in meetups and conferences in order to learn and challenge my knowledge. And now I share what I have learned.

Montreal 2024 sessions

Develop your first Api with Python with fast API

English session - Beginner

As a Java developer, I heard a lot about Python and I thought to give it a try.
This presentation is about Fast API and how it’s revolutionizing API creation with speed and simplicity.

How to optimize your Spring Boot App

English session - Intermediate

Elevate your Spring Boot application performances! Join me for an insightful presentation on performance enhancement tips. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your Spring Boot apps for peak performance. Reserve your spot today!

Montreal 2023 sessions

Montreal 2022 sessions

Online 2021 sessions