Thijs Feryn

Thijs Feryn

Thijs Feryn is a "technical evangelist" at Varnish Software, the company behind the Varnish Cache open source technology.

His goal is to bring technology to the people and people to technology. He focuses on bridging the gap between code and infrastructure.

Thijs is a published author with O'Reilly and Vulkan Media, he is also involved in many open source communities. He speaks, listens, writes, codes, teaches, blogs, vlogs, organizes and is above all very excited to speak at Confoo

Montreal 2022 sessions

Build your own CDN with Varnish

English session - Intermediate

In this session we'll be leveraging Varnish, the popular HTTP caching software, to build our own CDN. The goal is to build a multi-tier CDN with multiple Points of Presence. The various tiers take care of origin shielding, storage, request routing and decision-making on the edge.

The Varnish Configuration Language, Varnish's built-in programming language, will play a big part and will allow you to tailor the behavior of the CDN to your needs.

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