Ron Dagdag

Ron Dagdag

Dad / Software Engineer Manager / Microsoft MVP / Holographic Experience Developer. Passionate to learn about VR, AR, ML, AI and IoT. Always Learning

Montreal 2024 sessions

Crafting an AI Mixologist using Semantic Kernel

English session - Beginner

Prompts play a crucial role in communicating and directing the behavior of Large Language Models (LLMs) AI. Semantic Kernel is like a mixologist who looks at available ingredients and crafts new cocktail recipes. Semantic Kernel looks at different plugins, prompts, and memory stores to create an execution plan. Attend the presentation to learn about Semantic Kernel and build an AI Mixologist creative enough to suggest new cocktails. Cheers!

Wizardry of Prompt Engineering: AI Agents in Javascript

English session - Beginner

Prompts are like magic spells, using words to achieve impossible effects but requiring complex rules. AI agents are like a wizard who consults spell book to cast a series of spells. AI Agents use a large language model (LLM) as a reasoning engine to determine how to interact with the outside world based on user input. Attend this session to learn how to build AI Agents in JavaScript using LangChain and other prompting techniques. Alohomora!

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