Philippe Arteau

Philippe Arteau

Philippe is a security engineer for ServiceNow. He has an interest in software development, penetration testing and security code review. He maintains Find Security Bugs, the static analysis tool.
He discovered significant vulnerabilities in several popular applications like Google Chrome, DropBox, Runkeeper, Jira and more. He has presented at various conferences including Black Hat Arsenal, SecTor, AppSec USA, ATLSecCon, 44CON and JavaOne.

Montreal 2023 sessions

Developing your first Chrome Extension

English session - Beginner

Developer likes to build productivity tools. It is a common reflex to automate manual build or deployment steps, but have you ever though about developing a browser extension? In this presentation, I will show you how easy it is to build your first extension. We will be cover the manifest configuration, the components, the build option and more. With the numerous examples given, it should inspire you to write your own extension.

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