Anthony Dahanne

Anthony Dahanne

Software Developer for 15+ years, my favorite topics are containerization (Docker and Kubernetes), building tools, Continuous Integration and, of course, core Java development.
Working for Wise Systems, I currently simplify the infrastructure that runs all Wise Systems components (using Terraform, AWS) and I automate through Gitlab Pipelines the builds and delivery of our software.
On my spare time, I work on various open source projects : from Twitter bots written in NodeJS, to Android apps !

Montreal 2022 sessions

How to restart User Groups after the pandemic?

English session - Beginner

The wind is now turning around and it appears we are now going into an endemic. Prior to the pandemic, we had a vibrant ecosystem of usergroup. Join community leaders and members of the old guard who help build the community as they discuss they explore the path to a brighter future.

Tu changes d'emploi ? Retour d'expériences d'un développeur

French session - Beginner

Changer d'emploi est probablement parmi les décisions les plus difficiles dans la carrière d'un développeur; et pourtant çà fait partie des étapes incontournables (et souvent mal préparées...).
Explorons ensemble (à l'aide d'exemples) les points à ne pas rater:
* Est il nécessaire de changer ?
* Se préparer aux entretiens RH, techniques ( puzzles / coder en direct / travail à préparer / entrevue design, etc. )
* Évaluation de l'offre

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