February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Teach, Don’t Tell: Becoming a Better Technical Mentor

When you are in the tech industry, you continually build your knowledge. There are always new frameworks, languages, and tools to be learned. What can you do with all of this learning? Share it, and share it well. Being able to share your learnings with fellow developers is crucial to the improvement of your product and your team. In this talk, you’ll learn strategies and techniques to become a better technical mentor.

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Thomas Desmond


Thomas Desmond is a Developer Advocate at Sitecore. His focus is on frontend web technologies like Next.js, React, & Angular. He enjoys helping others and seeing them succeed. Thomas also brings along the experience of being a University Instructor for 3 years and producing multiple online technical video courses for Thinkster.io. Thomas Desmond can be reached directly on Twitter @ThomasJDesmond or his personal website TheTomBomb.com.

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