February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Running and Extending Keycloak for Your Identity Needs

When it comes to security, identity management, and access control, it is best to rely on trusted, tested, solid foundations instead of reinventing the wheel. Over the years, Keycloak established itself as the defacto platform supporting OAuth, social logins, and single sign-on. In this talk, we’ll share our recipe to customize, package, and operate Keycloak as we needed to extend it to fit the Ambassador Cloud platform business requirements.

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Alex Gervais

Ambassador Labs

Outdoorsy, data-driven, eternal student, not so geeky creative mind and traveler. Alex is a curious, introverted and humble character. Working by day as a Principal Software Developer at Ambassador Labs, he has many years of savoir-faire building full-stack systems from cloud infrastructures to backend services and DevOps tools. Alex is a Kubernetes early adopter who thrives on collaboration and contributor to many Cloud-Native projects.

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