February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Let's talk about JWT

JSON Web Tokens, or JWTs for short, are all over the web. They can be used to track bits of information about a user in a very compact way and can be used in APIs for authorization purposes. Join me and learn what JWTs are, what problems it solves, how you can use JWTs, and how to be safer when using JWTs on your applications.

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Jessica Temporal


Jess Temporal is Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0. Pizza de Dados co-founder and co-host, Pizza is the first and most beloved Brazilian podcast about data science. Jessica is also part of the instructors team in Data Bootcamp and LinkedIn Learning. She is part of PyLadies Brazil, the Brazilian network that promotes and empowers women in technology. She was born in warm weather and keeps herself warm in the cold Brazilian south with sweaters she knits herself.

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