February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Let's build your own VS Code automated refactorings

Refactoring takes time. It's also risky. It's embarrassing to spend hours cleaning up some code, only to introduce a regression in prod your colleagues have to revert.

What if you could *safely* refactor the code with a simple keystroke?

I'm gonna show you how YOU can do that in JavaScript with VS Code. Better: I'll teach you how to craft your own code transformations. Follow me, down the AST rabbit hole!

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Nicolas Carlo


Nicolas is a web developer who loves building communities and maintainable software.

When he's not enjoying life with his family or working at Centered, he organizes the "Software Crafters Montréal" meetup and develops VS Code extensions.

He shares tips & tricks to work with Legacy Code every week on his blog: https://understandlegacycode.com

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