February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Deploying IPv6

Many developers are stuck in the comfortable world of IPv4, but allocations have already run dry. Broadband and 5G mobile networks are expanding IPv6 availability, and IoT loves it! Migrating to IPv6 is a big change. This talk helps you learn what IPv6 is, what you need to do to get your services working on IPv6 (it's not as scary as you might think) and related changes you need to make in your applications and databases to accommodate IPv6.

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Marcus Bointon

Synchromedia Limited

I work on smartmessages.net and clubzero.co, support 1CRM, and pentest and write for Radically Open Security. I'm the maintainer of PHPMailer (the second-most forked PHP project on GitHub!) and contribute to many other open-source projects. I'm a PHP programmer, privacy advocate, DPO, Linux sysadmin, technical writer/editor, and MySQL DBA. I've spoken at many technical conferences around the world. I live in the French alps with my wife, kids, guitars, skis, and bikes.

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