February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

Creating Svelte applications

While a relative newcomer, Svelte has gained quite a bit of popularity as a front-end web framework. Developers can quickly create apps using a syntax which feels natural. In this session we'll explore what makes the framework unique and how to create a Svelte project. We'll see how to create components, and work with properties, events and state.

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Christopher Harrison


Christopher is a long-time geek who's spent most of his career training, supporting, and upskilling developers. He's a web developer with passions from Python to DevOps to TypeScript to AI. In his current role as an Enterprise Advocate for GitHub, he seeks to help organizations improve their DevOps process and culture. When not found writing code, he can run, play Civilization, or spend time with his partner and their four-legged child (a rescue mutt).

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