February 23-25, 2022
Online, Timezone GMT-5

AssertTrue(isDecoupled("my tests"))

Tests are great. But every once in a while we just wish they’d never been written. Have you wanted to alter functionality slightly but in doing so half the test suite goes from green to red?

This talk will investigate why this happens. In particular it looks at the coupling between tests and the code under test. We’ll investigate ways we can reduce this coupling and make out test suites more resilient to change.

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Dave Liddament

Lamp Bristol

Dave is a director and developer at Lamp Bristol, a software consultancy. He’s been writing software commercially for over 19 years in many languages including C, Python, Java and PHP.

Dave is keen to pass on his knowledge. He speaks at conferences and user groups. He is an organiser of PHP-SW. He also runs a monthly workshop that covers topics including testing, CI and git.

He is also the author of an open source tool called SARB (static analysis results baseliner).

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