February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Vagrant, Docker, Kubernetes, and Oh-My-Vagrant

Learn how to get a Vagrant environment running quickly, using a project called Oh-My-Vagrant. I'll show some tools such as vscreen & vcssh which make it possible to connect to many vm's easily. I'll demo how to integrate with config management, and how you can use these techniques to simulate clusters of containers. This talk will include live demos of building docker containers, orchestrating them with kubernetes, and all glued together nicely.

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James Shubin

Red Hat

James Shubin is is best known for his work on Oh-My-Vagrant, Config Management, his Technical Blog and many other fun projects.
As a self-proclaimed hacker, James has also worn many others hats including that of a System Administrator, IT/Network Architect, and Physiologist.
Besides various speaking engagements, you can also read about his thoughts and ideas at the Technical Blog of James (https://ttboj.wordpress.com/).
Please follow James at @purpleidea on Twitter.

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