February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Offline-First Apps with PouchDB

Web and mobile apps shouldn't stop working when there's no network connection. Based on Apache CouchDB, PouchDB is an open source syncing JavaScript database that runs within a web browser. Offline-first apps built using PouchDB can provide a better, faster user experience—both offline and online. Learn how to use the HTML5 Offline Application Cache, PouchDB, and CouchDB to build offline-enabled web and mobile apps.

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Bradley Holt


Bradley Holt leads a team of developer advocates at IBM who are democratizing data and AI through open source technologies. His team's work includes helping developers integrate open source deep learning models into their applications, enabling developers and data scientists to better collaborate, fostering the publication and usability of open data, advancing the usage of data and AI for social good, and promoting open standards for the deployment and operationalization of data and AI.

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