February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Let’s (not) get rid of all the managers!

Are you a manager in a world that increasingly wishes you didn’t exist? The positional power structure of traditional management is at odds with an agile approach. But, don’t despair… there’s hope! Fortunately, it is possible to do your job well and have your team want to hug you instead of kill you. Julia Wester will talk about how to transform your role away from its command and control roots and be a valuable member of an agile team.

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Julia Wester


Julia brings 15 years of experience working in and managing web development teams at Turner Broadcasting and F5 Networks. Julia is passionate about helping others take the crazy out of work by embracing visualization, transparency and continuous improvement. She also loves talking about how management doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Julia joined LeanKit as an Improvement Coach in July 2015. She blogs at everydaykanban.com as well as leankit.com/blog and tweets at @everydaykanban.

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