February 24-26, 2016
Montreal, Canada

Best tools for automated testing in Ruby

Ruby is a language known for its love of automated testing. It has an awesome set of tools to fill all your needs. Which ones are the best or to avoid? What are some good and bad practices in general in testing? I’ll tell you which tools I’m using now, after years of working on multiple apps with different tools. After this talk, you’ll have a great toolset to maintain a useful test suite over time.

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Jean-Philippe Boily

Metrics Watch

Builder of @MetricsWatch and also part-time SaaS consultant. Until ~6 months ago, I worked at Rainforest QA (YC backed, I was employee #2, first remote) where I wrote code and then lead the technical team for a while. I’ve worked remotely for the last few years, where I mostly wrote Ruby code!

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